Forecasting the future is quite a challenge!
That said, it is vital to put in place a global strategy to ensure that your positioning in the market is sound, that your teams are well prepared and able to seize any opportunities when they present themselves. It is also a matter of making certain that your budgets are realistic and controlled in order to protect and provide for the ongoing wellbeing of your business.

To assist you in this domain, we can:

– Draw up a development plan for a new establishment or for the renewal of a concept

– Carry out a financial study: set up budgetary plans / financial models

– Project manage: put in place a timeline with a series of deadlines, manage the progress of the project and maintain the integrity of the concept

– Carry out a market study with the aim of gaining market share, increasing competitivity and managing the prices / offers proposed

– Supply assistance and ideas for refurbishments or adjustments to your establishment (d├ęcor, layout, access ways, set-up within your establishment)

– Study partnership possibilities to explore commercial advantages or to create economic levers

– Acquire awards or distinctions to amplify the reputation of your establishment