How do you create an identity for your establishment? How can you raise its profile? What is the best way to reach your clients, grab their attention and incite them to visit?

It’s a question of selecting the most effective method of communication, of choosing the right words, having the right style and being just a little bit daring…

Thanks to our team of specialists, we can:

Establish a marketing plan: from theory to practice, with a timeline and management of the tasks set

Reinforce / diversify your reputation: conducting an analysis of your competition and any environmental influences, then suggesting ideas for improvements

Develop / diversify your communications network : analysis, advice and supervision

Supply operational marketing assistance

  • – Marketing materials for your internal communication: room directory, restaurant menus, informative / promotional cards

  • – Marketing materials for your external sales team : brochures, flyers, invitations, business cards

  • – E-newsletters : technical design, creation and content for your promotional drive

  • – E-reputation : offer teasers to your clients or broadcast via the web and social networks

  • – Translation of your materials into French, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian

  • – Branded materials

  • – Client gifts

Create or refresh your image

  • – Logo creation or modernisation

  • – Redesign or modification of your website

  • – Photography: a global photo shoot of your establishment or coverage of a new aspect of your structure (room refurbishment, new cuisine, staff etc…)

  • – Video: to enrich your website, use in a sales presentation or at an international salon, to run on one of your hotel television channels or to feature on a social network (YouTube) and other media.