Absolutely central to your success, your team of staff represent the ideals and values of your establishment.

Hotel Upgrade can intercede in the following ways:

For a new structure
– Define core values to suit your structure

  • – Design a style of service in keeping with your establishment and in relation to your clients’ likely needs and expectations

  • – Identify your personnel needs

  • – Script the typical day in order to ensure the most effective logistics, timings, staffing etc…

  • – Assist in sourcing key members of staff: Chef, Spa Manager…

For an existing structure:

  • – Analyse the team in place: efficiency, level of service, presentation, energy

  • – Organise team building exercises to improve the cohesion of different departments

  • – Design a system of incentives to stimulate and re-motivate staff

  • – Involve staff and impart responsibility for a specific project or new concept