Having a good image and attractive marketing materials is one thing, but you also need to know how to go about conquering new clients.

It’s a matter of timing, preparing smart promotional packages, following up sales calls methodically and finding ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Hotel Upgrade can make you more efficient in all these domains:

Structural sales

  • – Establish a commercial strategy along with an action plan

  • – Create your CRM database and optimisation systems to ensure the loyalty of your existing clientele

  • – Develop and enhance your yield systems or research solutions

  • – Develop sales initiatives to gain an edge on your competitors

  • – Establish loyalty schemes

Commercial representation: annual, seasonal or periodic for the following markets :

  • – Principal : France, the UK, Switzerland, Belgiumand Russia(Moscow)

  • – Emerging : Russia(regions), the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan

Event organisation to suit the style of your establishment or during sales / business trips : lunches and dinners with decision makers, Fam Trips, product launches, promotional events, ‘gastronomic’ weeks…

Study commercial affiliation possibilities: research, negotiation, content and financing. For this type of request, Hotel Upgrade can propose likely partners that would complement your structure.  We can also furnish suitable contacts for prospecting purposes in a specific campaign: travel agents, tour operators, event organisers, companies and institutions.

For all these actions, Hotel Upgrade can draw up a calendar in order to time the tasks for most effect, as well as follow up on the results.